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You are driving down a Flint, MI road and taking in the sights as the fresh morning air fills in your lungs. It is a good day to be alive, and everything is going just fine until it is not. In the split of a second, you find yourself face to face with the blackness of unconsciousness. You wake in a hospital bed, with your head feeling like it will burst from the sharp headache. At least you can still walk-it could be worse, but you feel lost and confused as you try to recount what happened just before the accident and what steps you will take next.

The scene described above is scary, but it can become a reality for any Flint resident. Getting injured due to someone else’s negligence can be life-changing. From the lost wages to the recovery and emotional impact, you deserve due compensation that will help you transition smoothly back to normal. However, many people usually have little to no idea of what they should do if they ever find themselves in an accident. In confusion, you are likely to take steps that would jeopardize your chances at getting compensated.

The Role of a Flint Personal Injury Attorney

We handle no-fault and third-party claims for our clients.

Therefore, if you feel that you have been wrongfully injured due to the negligence of another driver, your case does not have to end at little or no compensation. You need an experienced personal injury attorney in Flint to help you figure out the next steps to take as you pursue a liability claim against a driver you believe was negligent.

However, choosing a personal injury attorney to represent you may not be easy. We are a top-rated law firm that can help you win a personal injury case. We take on your case as soon as possible after your crash to help you present the strongest case. We help you push through the tedious processes such as taking pictures after the accident, locating and interviewing witnesses. By being able to find all the related footage and parties immediately, you have a better chance of building a winning case.

We also have the right knowledge and skills to help you negotiate with your insurance company to help you avoid being underpaid. We can help you file your claims before the deadline and secure a better future for you despite the unfortunate turn of events.

We will also advise you on the appropriate steps to take after the accident to ensure that everything is in your favor. We also aim to ensure that our clients remain safe and healthy during the trial, which is why our team is comprised of compassionate lawyers who are in touch with the needs of clients.

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When you retain our legal services, you are not just a client – you are welcomed into our family and treated with dignity and compassion. We set ourselves apart from the crowd based on:

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“Amer and his team made me feel like my case mattered. They were always available for me when I had questions. They are professional and do a great job at keeping me updated with my case. There was a day I ran into Amer while I was running an errand and I was impressed that he knew exactly who I was and details about my case that he asked about. That small interaction made me feel even more confident in Amer and his team.”

We chose the most professional firm to handle my dad’s case. Amer Hakim is so smart, aggressive, and experienced, he always called us and gave us updates. Our phone calls never were ignored and Amer called back himself if he was unable to answer. He and the staff treated us like family. I’m so glad we made the right choice by choosing this firm and I highly recommend it.

“I can’t thank you enough Amer, Tony, and his amazing team for all your hard work and dedication within regards to my case. I experienced my first car accident. They were patient, kind, understanding, and went above and beyond to make me feel normal. With so much abnormality in my life after the accident THIS team made me whole again. They are very let me repeat VERY honest and they stand by their words. Not only they are a great law firm but a great family. God bless you all.”

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